Okay, I’ll Write It!! Must be Karma.

Okay, so there’s this forum I frequent. It’s a little of this and a little of that … politics, philosophy, and … my favorite topic … conspiracy theories. Been posting on that site for awhile now. About five years ago in chatting back and forth, the name of the most debauched party in the history of the universe – or at least in man’s time on this earth – came up. Scant little information was known about it since it was kept hush hush. I was fascinated. I’d never heard of it, but then I’d led this sheltered life. It was said that every well-known prostitute in Europe attended it – I’m sure as only “guests.” The theme of the party was interesting. It had to do with nuts – peanuts, almonds, walnuts, I never could remember which variety. Seems they had buckets of them at this fete. I’ve tried, but been unable to remember the name of this sordid, debased, thoroughly enjoyable sordid affair. And why the buckets of nuts? Have not a clue … nor did the person that posted the info about it.

Since first learning about this party, I’ve finding info on it again. I’ve been curious to find out most – mostly about the nuts. I tried finding it on the web. I typed used words like “nuts,” “debauched,” “sordid,” “party, “ “sex,” etc. for a google search, but nothing came up except porn sites. Definitely didn’t want any of that sooo I put my quest to learn more to the side although every once in awhile the subject came up – brought up by me since no one else seems to know about this fiesta either. Under what circumstances? Well, there was this one girl I knew that was attending college. She needed to write a thesis. She decided to write it on something debauched. I suggested this party, but I still couldn’t find anyting out about it. Neither could she. It’s what happens when you don’t know the name, date or even country where it occurred. Was it London? Paris? Milan? Venice? Had no idea. All I remembered was that it happened a long time ago and featured those damned nuts!

Fast forward to now, I finished a book that’s being edited. It’s the first in a trilogy. It’s set in a different country sooo I thought I’d get a jumpstart on it by doing some research. Lo and behold, I clicked on this one link and bingo! I not only found a wealth of information on the subject I was actually researching, but also finally found info on this party!

I was overjoyed. More information was given and my imagination went into overdrive. I mean, what are the chances that a link for that party would come up when I had keyed in something totally different. I knew I wanted to write about it. The outline and bare bones of a screenplay quickly filled in.

I’m taking this whole thing as some kind of message, sign or omen and am not looking back. I will not lose this ‘party again’ – I’m going to make it famous. The only sure thing about it is that …

… a good time was had by all!



About WPotocki

I live and write in NYC. If that isn't scary enough, I write in the genre of horror. All my works can be purchased and enjoyed so don't hold yourself back or anything. http://www.amazon.com/Wendy-Potocki/e/B002BRGIP6
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