Halloween Special – Free Coupon to Read Addune

In honor of the noble, high holiday of Halloween, am offering a coupon through Smashwords that is good through the entire month of October. It means you can read Addune for free. Can’t beat free, but you can sure take advantage of it!

Here’s the coupon:


And the link:


I suppose this is also a Lakshmi special. She is the goddess of all that’s sweet in life. That includes grace, beauty, purity and prosperity. Yesterday in NYC, South Street Seaport held an awesome celebration in honor of The Festival of Lights. The firework display was simply grand and very much in line with what you should do for such an gracious deity. They had a couple of fireworks that I’d never seen before. One exploded into two hearts! How beautiful was that? And another exploded into a smiley face! It was such a surprise that I just started laughing out loud!

I hope you enjoy the book. If you do, please write a review on Amazon. We authors live and die on the sword of reader’s opinions.


About WPotocki

I live and write in NYC. If that isn't scary enough, I write in the genre of horror. All my works can be purchased and enjoyed so don't hold yourself back or anything. http://www.amazon.com/Wendy-Potocki/e/B002BRGIP6
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