A First Sampling of The House of Cards!!

The second in my Adduné vampire trilogy is almost complete … and here is a first sampling!

I’m still busily in the process of editing the rest of this newest edition of the series. It’s sweeping, and grand, and hopefully will take your breath away! Not forever … just long enough for you to realize that you want another helping!


About WPotocki

I live and write in NYC. If that isn't scary enough, I write in the genre of horror. All my works can be purchased and enjoyed so don't hold yourself back or anything. http://www.amazon.com/Wendy-Potocki/e/B002BRGIP6
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2 Responses to A First Sampling of The House of Cards!!

  1. Hi Wendy!
    I was on Goodreads and saw you have a book that was released in May 2012 called The Black Adagio. It’s up for a Giveaway. I LOVE LOVE LOVE and LIVED ballet until my Sophomore year in High School! I started at the age of 3! I DREAMED of becoming a “Prima Ballerina”, of course! That it, however, until my body grew into a woman’s figure! I HATE my chest and hips!! LOLOL!!! It RUINED ALL MY CHANCES of EVER becoming what I wanted SOOOO BADLY!! I dreamed of dancing in a New York Ballet Company! Nope! NOT in the cards for me!
    Well, this book REALLY piqued my interest because of the ballet! I would LOVE to read it, and of course, write a review on it! I know there are some dark forces in it which I usually don’t read, but I would LOVE to read this book, even with the dark forces at work!!! It will bring back memories and SO much more!
    My problem is I just can’t find it! I looked for it on Amazon, but could NOT find it?? I’ll check Smashwords, and createspace, too.
    Have you released it yet? I’m VERY curious!!!
    Would LOVE to read it! I LOVE reading ANY type of story that has ballet involved in it! Even though NOW with a neuro muscle disease, can you believe that! That’s why I could NEVER get my one leg up in the air correctly! The arabesque! I also had a solo in which I had to do pirouettes in a circle on the stage, and could NOT do it! There were EARLY signs of this disease to come WAY back then! This disease, called Stiff Person Syndrome, and it makes your muscles go completely rigid/stiff, then they spasm out of control. OUCH!!! It’s killed my spine. It did not hit my FULLY until I was 37. Now I am 45 and VERY used to it. It’s NOT my friend, just something I have to live with! LOL!
    I have a book blog that REALLY helps to keep my mind OFF the disease as MUCH as I can! I’ve ALWAYS LOVED to read, too! If I wasn’t dancing as a child, I was reading! As an adult, too!
    I got my daughter into ballet at 3, also, but she did not have the love for it like I did. I would practice in our basement every day! I used to wear out my ballet slippers ALL the time! My parents NEVER complained! They were happy I was so into my ballet! They are, or were, (I lost my Mom in Sept 2010 – 2 years ago almost now. It still feels like yesterday! My Dad has even met someone new and is getting married in JUNE 2013! I feel so strange about that! It doesn’t feel right ONLY because it’s not my Mom. I’m having a hard time with just thinking about it. I do NOT feel as if he is doing anything wrong at ALL, it’s just such a weird/strange feeling! He’s supposed to be with my MOM! Not another woman! No, his fiance’ is WONDERFUL! She’s a beautiful, VERY nice and warm person who has a HUGE heart! I just feel strange about it! It’s my DAD! Don’t I sound bad! I really don’t have a problem with it, it’s just different! I have to get OVER that! My Mom has passed away and my Dad has EVERY right to move along with his life! Plus, he SHOULD! I’m VERY happy for him, truly! I just MISS MY MOM!!!)
    Back to what I was saying, is that they were/are very cultured people and love the ballet, opera, the theater, etc. They were VERY encouraging for me!
    Thank you for writing a book about ballet! It brings it to the attention of a LOT of people! I believe it is an art form thought of more for younger children than actually ‘going’ to the theater anymore to see it, or I should say that here in the Detroit area it is that way. I live in Port Huron, which is about 1 – 1 1/2 hours north of Detroit. You don’t find many people EVER going to the theater around here! If this were New York, I’d be in HEAVEN!
    It will be SO wonderful to read a story involving ballet! Even if there are dark forces with it! If it were PURE dark forces, like the Vampire, Werewolves, etc., than I wouldn’t be reading those types of books, but THIS story has so much MORE to it! The dark forces sound exciting in this story!
    Anyway, if you could PLEASE help me with finding Black Adagio, I would be EVER SO GRATEFUL!!!
    Thank YOU!!
    Laurie Carlson
    laurieisreading at gmail (dot) com (I try to mix up the email addy so no robot can detect it!)
    Happy Labor day, or at least these last few hours of it! Looking VERY forward to hearing from you! Thanks, again!

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