“Dance for me…”
Your voice rousts me from yet another bad dream
I have had no other kind since my illness
Another day another nightmare
Which you have allowed me to escape
But it cannot be you
You are dead
You died so long ago
In my youth
The bloom of youth in our cheeks
You were twenty, and I, nineteen
We were so in love
So madly in love
Desire filled our days and nights
The ring I wore promised the fulfillment of that desire
But it was not to be
For you died
And I grew old and weak and feeble

“Dance for me…”
I struggle to open my eyes
There is perspiration on my fevered brow
The room is empty
Just me
The physician who has been attending me is gone
He has been a darling
A dear
Assiduously charting the course of my demise
I am much too weak to move, but not to listen
I hear him telling my concerned family of my condition
For I married
In spite of it all I married
A wonderful man who predeceased me
Ten years ago
He was seventy-two
The fruit of our union holds vigil
They ask of me and I hear the physician tell of my grave condition
They say the same of me that they said of my departed husband
She’s led a good life
I suppose that’s what they would think
An eighty-year-old woman who from all appearances had it all
Except for you
The only man that I ever loved

“Dance for me…”
With what is left of my will I raise my head
My neck is stiff with age and disuse
I see you now
My heart gladdens
My pulse has never felt so strong
I see past your shoulder at the snow that is falling
It blankets everything in white
The fire in my room is in contrast to the winter outside
It is a metaphor of what is happening
My icy cold, decaying body filled with warmth at the sight of you
My love!

“Dance for me…”
Oh, if only I could!
If only I could rise and fall into your arms
You hold out your hand as if you expect me to take it
Cannot you see that I am old?
And you…
You are just as I remember
A young, virile man with innocence in his eyes

“Dance for me…”
I see something more in those dark eyes
A glowing ember
A flame
Suddenly I lift no longer supine
I am surprised at my action
I feel quite light and airy
Like I could dance the night away
I look back at the old woman lying in bed
Her eyes are glazed and open with what?
That is it

“Dance for me…”
I glide toward you not making a sound
You smile as I begin to move
For I tease you with my movements
Although this body is still old
I find the gestures coming with ease
I begin my dance
I remember when we danced together
Night after night seemingly without end
Youth supplying us the energy to wake the next day with nary a trace of what we did the night before
I close my eyes and remember
I drink it all in
I am ready
I open my eyes and stare deeply into those coal black eyes
You lick your lips
I blow you a kiss as I slowly unbutton my dress
The rhythm of the night beats out its tune
I am one with the music
As underbrush grows
As things in nature grow
Entangled and entwined
That is what I feel
A part of the music and the night
A part of you though you still remain on the couch
Somehow you have joined me
A phantom partner in a hallucination of my mind
For this cannot be real
But nothing has ever felt so real

“Dance for me…”
I hear you taunt me once more
My body explodes as my dress slides to the floor
Next comes my petticoats and then my shoes
I roll down my stockings
My undergarments next as I stand before you naked
I can see myself in the reflection of the glass
I can see I am young
With every item of clothing I have shed ten years
I say to you
“Dance for me…”
You stand
I see through you to the snow still falling
Through you and through the pane of glass
You begin to undress for me
Moving like a cat with all the majesty of feline luster
How I want you!
Your clothes are on the floor
You approach me bowing from the waist
I curtsey lightly
But there is one more thing to do
The old woman lying in bed gasps in air
There is a death rattle in every breath
I see you know what to do
You go to the window and undo the latch
You fling it open
I feel the cold wind go through me
The snowflakes blowing in the room
I watch the old woman’s expression as her hand moves her blanket away
She smiles

“Dance for me…”
I move into your arms as the music strikes its mysterious chord
I hear a last expulsion of air and know I am free
Free of my bondage
I see my attendant angel come to take me away
I have no intention of leaving
No intention at all
I shoo him away
As the doctor races into the room and shuts the window
My children follow like a gaggle of geese
As if they could stop what has been done
The doctor replaces the blanket and tries to find a pulse
There is none
He shakes his head
I laugh as my children begin to cry
My children crowd around my body as they ask to be left alone
They wish to say their last words to me
The doctor leaves
My children begin their bittersweet good-byes
But I cannot hear
What they say is of no concern anymore

We move closer to the fire
Looking into one another’s eyes
Whispering in unison to each other
Embracing as we lie down on the floor
Before the fire
He on top of me
My beloved
My betrothed
It is our wedding night
It precedes all the other nights for we shall share this bliss again and again
But this will be the first
I feel the heat of him
I have never felt him like this before
We kiss as if for the first time
We were never allowed this freedom
Society dictated that we hold ourselves back
But now there are no more rules and we may do as we please
As our lips part for just a moment
We speak what is on our mind
We speak from our loins that are burning with lust
Our faces inches apart
We look at each other as we say what is in our hearts
And what is on our minds
Our union of spirits
We whisper
“Dance for me…”
As we begin to dance


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About WPotocki

I live and write in NYC. If that isn't scary enough, I write in the genre of horror. All my works can be purchased and enjoyed so don't hold yourself back or anything.
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  1. susanjmcleod says:

    Oh, you made me cry! So sad and sweet and beautiful. You do have the gift!!

    • nycwriter says:

      Thank you!!! It’s one of the few poems that I’ve written that survived trashing when I read it back!!! May post another … who knows?!!! Thanks again! You’re the bestest!

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