Some say there are no accidents
I say there are no plans
For it is the unplanned moments of great surprise
That guide us
That bring us to our knees
That remind us of the wonder and magic
That teach us there is so much more
You see I wasn’t supposed to be on that corner …at that time…and
I saw an angel fly by

Don’t you feel that the times we forget about ourselves
Are the most precious?
Those rare, celestial moments of bliss
When the curtain is drawn back to reveal
Intangible, Godlike mysteries
That surround and touch our ordinary lives
Ordinary lives!  Do you hear?
Why would anyone choose to lead an ordinary life
When there are things so extraordinary
I saw an angel float by

Don’t call me mad!
Science is your God, not mine
Empirical idiots—your tyrants
Telling us that things are this big or that small
Telling us that if something is not quantifiable
It does not exist
I tell you they are fools!
For how can they deny the miraculous?
I saw an angel pass by

I can see you don’t understand
And it is important that you do understand
Perhaps it is my fault for rambling
It is so hard not to because for the first time I feel alive
My God, I’m alive!
But for your sake, I will start at the beginning
All day I had been preoccupied with work
Until I just grabbed my coat and headed out the door
The air was so refreshing
I felt an angel nearby

Suddenly, a violent gust of wind came out of nowhere
It left me breathless and blinded by tears
I should have stopped walking since I could not see
But I persisted and walked headlong into a man
A stranger who put his hands on my shoulders and held me quite still
I waited. The accident was, after all, my fault
I looked up merely to apologize
And I swear on all that is Holy — And I swear on all that is Divine
It was then — the very instant I fell in love
That I saw an angel walk by


About WPotocki

I live and write in NYC. If that isn't scary enough, I write in the genre of horror. All my works can be purchased and enjoyed so don't hold yourself back or anything.
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2 Responses to Accidents

  1. susanjmcleod says:

    Another beautiful, breathtaking poem!! I understand it completely! And I love the angel imagery and the repetition of it. Very effective. Very uplifting!

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