Join the Danse Macabre. In celebration of my supernatural thriller BLACK ADAGIO and in celebration of Walpurgisnacht, I will be giving away prizes and holding contests from now until May 1st! Here’s the official blog that lists and gives info on books already given away:


And here’s pics of author swag that will be given away!

icm_fullxfull.37933427_dyj37x9jy60w4oggg8wk icm_fullxfull.37922864_cl9uylcbg68kgoo8g0oc icm_fullxfull.37812278_eev05q3finco4kks4wgcWe have some great authors participating and there’s lots of chances to win! There is also a $50 contest for the best promotional item. Here are the details:

You could win a $50 Amazon Gift Certificate by creating the best BLACK ADAGIO promotional item! Yes, use your original Fanart to design the promotional item you’d like to win! If chosen, you’ll be sent a copy of the finished product and the $50 gift certificate.

The promotional item can be anything you can imagine: a t-shirt, a jewelry item, a poster, or anything else your imagination dreams up! The contest starts now. I will select the winner on April 30th so you have plenty of time to get those creative juices flowing! And, yes, you may enter more than once. Just post all pics of artwork depicting a representation of the finished product in the corresponding post on the Danse Macabre Event Page!

Good luck to all that enter! Can’t wait to see what you come up with!

Here’s a bit about BLACK ADAGIO and the Danse Macabre to help you:

1. It’s about a young ballet dancer named Meliissa Solange
2. The story revolves around the legend of the Danse Macabre. Legend has it that at the stroke of midnight on Halloween, Death appears as a skeleton Spirits rise up from the graves and Death leads them in a dance until dawn. For a more complete version, go here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Danse_macabre_%28Saint-Sa%C3%ABns%29S





About WPotocki

I live and write in NYC. If that isn't scary enough, I write in the genre of horror. All my works can be purchased and enjoyed so don't hold yourself back or anything. http://www.amazon.com/Wendy-Potocki/e/B002BRGIP6
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