My Writing Process Blog Tour

Hey Everyone!

I’ve been asked to participate in the Writing Process Blog Tour. It’ll give you a little insight into how we authors think. Not too much though … wouldn’t want your eyes to roll back in your head and have you fall over or anything!

Latashia Figueroa, a fellow writer of horror and scary stuff, passed me the baton. She could have removed the nails sticking out from it, but that’s me. If you’d like to check out what Latashia is up to these days, as well as what stories she’s busy crafting (stand back from the chain saw and no one will get hurt!), go here:

I double dare you, but only after you read what I have to say. Without further ado *drum roll* *mariachi band strolls by* *The London Symphony plays Prokofiev with conductor animating puppets to Romeo & Juliet* here’s the methodology I use:

1)     What am I working on?

I’m working on two projects. One is a standalone novel called TRILLINGHAM, and the other is a series. The name of the series is under wraps, but a short description for TRILLINGHAM is:

“Born in the deepest recesses of imagination, the legend of TRILLINGHAM is told in hushed whispers. Most dismiss what they’ve heard about the town as a fairy tale, but all doubt is removed when a monster proves it true.

2)     How does my work differ from others of its genre?

Since I predominantly write in the genre of horror, I would say my characters are more fully developed. Most tales of horror rely on strong plotlines and violence to advance the plot, but for me, the action needs to make sense and progress organically. It’s always an outgrowth of my character’s flaws, or in some cases, destiny.

3)     Why do I write what I do?

I chose horror because of its range of possibilities. For instance, if I wrote a suspense thriller about a woman who was jealous, she could act out and do a number of things, but the jealousy would remain an emotion housed within her. However, in horror, I could make jealousy its own character. It could be a demon that lives in the woods. Perhaps it attacks the townsfolk on their way home, driving them to do horrible things to their loved ones.

It’s that leeway that I love. I can let my imagination soar without worrying that it’s not possible.

4)     How does your writing process work?

I’m one of those writers who insist they have a muse. My wonderful muse is the one that creates the stories that I pen. When I’m firing on all pistons, I’m a glorified court reporter, recording what my characters say and do. I listen and type, trying to capture everything that is going on.

It’s a grand feeling to be the fly on the wall and I enjoy getting to know my characters so personally. I do feel they’re separate and apart from me and I try not to interject my opinions, thoughts and beliefs into the story. It works much better that way!

 * * * * *

Next Monday, catch what new author Art Gulley Jr. has to say about how he writes. Hopefully, he’ll say something about his favorite place being on a yacht. Why? Because I’ll join him! Why else? Here’s a bit more about my good friend and fellow author:

Art Gulley Jr. Author of the Scifi epic: The Hyperactive Trilogy and composer of the jazz/new age themed CD: No Limits.


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