LOVE ANIMALS? Give Your Favorite Animal Rescue a Shout Out

Love animals? You know I do!

While I have a eighteen-year-old kitty name Persephone that I try to keep happy (impossible!), I also do my best to help other four-legged furballs. I actively promote posts/tweets that tell of animals in need and sometimes donate to a few rescue organizations that have made it onto my radar screen.

One of the best groups I’ve come across is Golden Paw Society of NY. They help shelter animals find homes. To do this, they organize “shelter runs”. After raising about $100 per kitty/dog (the amount is to cover needed veterinary care expenses), they descend upon shelters, rescuing animals out of a life behind bars and sometimes a life about to end. When done, they post the pics and bios of the rescued animals. It’s the highlight of my month! Seeing these frightened animals and knowing they’re now safe always brings tears to my eyes! Then comes the”other” photos. These are the after shots taken a few weeks later and, man, what a difference? All the animals have their self-confidence and swagger back! Of course, the ultimate photo is the one after they’re adopted into they’re furever home! It’s too wonderful!

Another organization I love is Big Dog Ranch Rescue. They also are very proactive in taking dogs in and getting them adopted into “good” homes. It makes no sense not to screen the applicants. I notice some agencies are constantly retracting statements about animals being safely adopted. One day they’re “in a great home” and the next it’s “Oh, they’ve been returned because the puppy wanted to play and the adoptee found it annoying!” There doesn’t seem to be that kind of occurrence with the adoptions going on with either of the agencies named. They seem to have their Spidey sense developed and know the questions to ask. The follow-up with the adoptions is also key. Intervening with just the right amount of concern is welcome and helps create a happy home.

I also love The Mayor’s Alliance for NYC’s animals. Why? Because they want to turn NYC into a no-kill zone! Yeah! No, double yeah! I’m all for that.

Because I’m a weenie and could never do the work that these agencies do (I’d veer between crying hysterically and throttling people dumping pets with my pink ballet ribbons), I decided to create a tribute to these wonderful, compassionate workers/volunteers who devote themselves to bettering the lives of those who can’t speak for themselves. These people are the animal’s voice, and for that, I commend them!

So here’s my tribute. I hope you’ll view and give a shout out to your favorite rescue group on the youtube page! Oh, and please share! Help get the word out about the fantastic work being done!

Thanks and hope you enjoy the compilation of pics. They include some real life friends who stand by their pet(s)!



About WPotocki

I live and write in NYC. If that isn't scary enough, I write in the genre of horror. All my works can be purchased and enjoyed so don't hold yourself back or anything.
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2 Responses to LOVE ANIMALS? Give Your Favorite Animal Rescue a Shout Out

  1. joannwentzel says:

    Wonderful pet video. I am the Colorado Springs Animal Rescue examiner. Drop by at

  2. WPotocki says:

    Thanks Joann and also thank you for the link. You’re on the front line so you’re definitely included in this tribute!

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