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8 Responses to Join My Mailing List

  1. Judith Timm says:

    I look forward to reading your series. The I Love Vampire Novels website is a great source for great paranormal sf.

    • WPotocki says:

      Judith –

      Yes, I Love Vampires is a great website. It’s why I’m excited to say that I’m featured on it.

      If you do read the Addune trilogy, I hope you enjoy. It’s quite an adventure.

  2. Claryn says:

    L loved reading the Addune series, but was disappointed with the ending.

    • WPotocki says:

      Claryn – .

      So sorry to hear that! But you couldn’t possibly have read the ending ending. Addune is a trilogy and I’ve only finished Part I. The Vampire’s Game and Part II. The House of Cards. Part III, The Reckoning, won’t be out until September.

      If you liked the story, I suggest you read all three parts since the third part will reveal the REAL ending! However, if you didn’t like the story or characters, then it just wasn’t the book for you. I’m a reader also and I love to find new books to treasure so I know how you feel.

      Take care and thanks for the comment.

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  6. darklycan says:

    I got a few of yours. Of course. I am in Chateaugay, NY

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